How to open several messages in individual windows?

Currently, driving many e-mail messages is something that we usually do on a daily basis, perhaps many of those emails are unwanted senders, spam and some other page where we left our email to register with us or that we wanted to subscribe for information on something specific and that with the passing of the days, this continuous sending texts about things that really weren’t interested.

May in part be able to only delete the messages that come to us, just because they are something that does not interest us, or that we simply do not want to read, we might be able to handle large amounts of messages daily, weekly or monthly can receive from an infinite number of portals that the end and after many uninterested us.

But now we can be part of this great number of people who manage quantities of messages every day because they are workers in any enterprise or self-employment are capable of offering a service where people are interested to know a little more. In part, we all want to read these messages quickly and answer them the same way but today for which we use Gmail is something that is not within their functions.

Even if it is not working as a main function of your System, if it is possible to view messages in different windows because the browser is capable of that to the number of windows open but of course without saturating our computer and have a problem with it.

open mail new windows

Before making this easy feature, which surely many will have already put into practice, we take into account that can work well or not, but this does not mean that we can use it, rather it is something that we always have on hand for use, the steps are as follows.

1 – Enter Gmail and on the message you want to open is the right click.

2 – The option to open in a new tab, we give click again and it will automatically open

3 – Finally, the message will be displayed on the screen, if we wish to respond once we can do it.

Basically is one of the simplest things that can be made to display a message, simply by opening a new tab, the message which we can have read.



Gmail vs. Outlook

Choose the best email service is something that all we can find, even though we are a company or individuals, is rather difficult to find a virtual messaging service such as email and even more so when We need that this puting what we need an email service and be mostly really reliable.

For many people who are owners of micro-enterprises the decision to use an e-mail service is reduced to opt for any of the services most used such as the Google Gmail and Outlook from Microsoft that they have really been the most popular. These email services have a few years on the market of informative marketing as the promotional and are able to send information to any number of people wherever they are while they have an internet connection.

But well, once already talked a bit about servers that are really popular for offering electronicmessaging service, now we talk about the advantages that offer each one of them.

As security, we can say that Gmail manages to include two sets of verification and detection of emails that are unwanted. Additionally, you can enable a verification icon so that emails that are senders are verified through google labs. You can also be said that while messaging, Gmail uses a chat feature of instant messaging that can be found in the bottom left of the Inbox.

For his part, Outlook, includes two ways to check equal, manages to use icons of safe senders and not desired or suspicious email that appears in the Inbox with red safety bars that appear at the top of the message. Use Skype messaging as Instant is one of its functions, this accomplished found on the top right of the Inbox.

As long as the space we can say that Gmail has 15 Gb of storage limit are shared between Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. If the limit is reached, you can buy extra storage to continue thus saving files. On the other hand, Outlook does not know exactly how much space has, it seems that you can begin to talk about the 5GB forward closely and that this increases with time.


How to create a Gmail account?

Initially, when we talked about creating a Gmail account, we had several factors present which were completely indispensable for the creation of this. At the beginning of these accounts, to be able to make a needed that is it received an invitation from someone who already possessed one, many people were able to take advantage of this situation and it was able to sell these invitations in portals shops like EBay.

Currently, this is something of the past, i.e., that today anyone can get an account on the Gmail server to perform the operations you need, but before creating an account will need to have a series of data with them, fill out the form requested by the company, which recorded name, surname, alternative date of birth, postal code, e-mail account and another series of steps.

1 – To open a Gmail account, must enter the Google homepage and click the Gmail button located in the top right. Then, click the create account button. You must complete the registration form and follow instructions.

2 – Enter your personal details (name and surname) and choose your user name; that is, your Gmail email address

3 – Then we must enter a password and confirm it in the box below, enter your date of birth and select your gender. To ensure the security of your account, we can associate our mobile phone number and an email address that you use currently, though this information is optional.

4 – Finally, select your country or place of residence. Once completed the form, click the next step button. Finally, you accept the terms of service of Google. Your Gmail account has been created.

Once the entire process, you can continue to interact with the new account, add contacts, send emails and enjoy all the things provided by Google as a server. If you additionally purchase a cell phone with Android service, this can be affiliated to the interactive part of google where they create a cloud of documents, photos and files that will be saved automatically so you always have them to available, not will run the risk of losing files in case of the lost cell phone, just have to go to your account and look for them.


How to log out of Gmail?

Many times we had to open our Gmail account from another computer, by emergency or just to search for necessary information. However when this happens we have to be aware that not can leave it open and hence, close it is a priority that must be when finishing the activity that we are doing.

Close your session is really recommended, if as I mentioned before, you’ll be connected from a public computer and do not want to share information with another person, it is essential that at the end of what you are doing there, you close the session full . There are several systems that have Gmail and that each one of them, close the logged may be different but the truth is that it is something very complex do, only we must follow.

To logout of Gmail on a PC.

On the features of Gmail, we click on the profile picture that is found in the upper right corner and select logout. If once we make this, continue appearing our password and email address, we will have to erase all data of navigation so that they no longer reflected.

As logout of Gmail on an Android device.

To close an account of Gmail in Android account, we need to make an account more maneuvers, actually to stop the account appear, we must delete it completely from the device that you are using. To do this, we must do the following.

1 – Open the Gmail application and press the button with three horizontal stripes, select the e-mail account.

2 – Press manage accounts > Google

3 – Select the account you want to delete, press more and give in delete account.

As logout of Gmail on a device iOS (iPhone, iPad)

To close an account at one of these devices, we should just delete it from the application, follow steps similar to the previous account and finish.

1 – Open the Gmail application and press the button with three horizontal stripes to then select the e-mail account.

2 – Press manage accounts > Google

3 – Select the account that you want to delete and press more > delete account.

Once any of these steps, the account would be completely out of any device and not run danger that someone try to copy the data that we have in it for any use which is not authorised.


Open Gmail account Now!

Open Gmail account
Hello, if we are interested in opening a Gmail account, for personal use or business Gmail, these in the correct article, you talk about all the advantages that open a Gmail account.
Gmail opens its services since April 15, 2004, from the then Gmail is innovating in the e-mail service, Gmail is a free email service.

Logo Gmail

Gmail provides integrated services of “Google Calendar”, Google Docs which is now integrated in the well-known “Google Drive” to its users.

Gmail brings entertaining system chat´s called Hangouts, from 2012 Gmail leads in the e-mail service, defeating his old rival OutLook known as Hotmail.

This messaging service provided by Gmail, in your cross-platform for both sailed for Android and IOS devices.

One of the qualities that makes Gmail is its clean and simple design, it has support for different browsers as they are: Safari, Opera, UC Browser, Firefox, Chrome and others.
Open your Gmail account, will facilitate you the sending of text messages, documents, photos, archives zip, rar, etc.

You need to open your Gmail account, but you’re a non-Android device, it is not problem for Gmail since it also has an application in Java.

Interesting isn’t it? Open your Gmail account is the opportunity to change your relationship with people both personally and professionally.

Open Gmail

          Integration with the Google + Social Network
          When you open your Gmail account is granted 15 Gb of space, unified with Google Drive.
          Gmail is available in over 40 languages.
          You can create tags to sort your messages.
          An advanced search system that will make it easier for you to find your messages.
          It allows you to send 25 MB on each message’s text (data attached)
          It has a powerful Anti Spam system.

Those are some of the many advantages that have to open Gmail account.

Are you planning to open your corporate Gmail account?

You want to improve your business image, open your account Gmail, allows you to set up a corporate email.

Now we explain as:

Your company is called “SonicEmpress” and want to improve your corporate image with your Gmail email, acquire corporate mail (, and this link with your personal Gmail account

Now the messages that you send to reach your mail personal, is not great?

We all know that security is a very important factor, when you open your Gmail account you’ll be protected, Gmail scans “attachments” avoiding the sending of viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. Gmail has SSL certificate to enhance the security of data transfer.

Given these recommendations invite you register for your Gmail account.