Gmail vs. Outlook

Choose the best email service is something that all we can find, even though we are a company or individuals, is rather difficult to find a virtual messaging service such as email and even more so when We need that this puting what we need an email service and be mostly really reliable.

For many people who are owners of micro-enterprises the decision to use an e-mail service is reduced to opt for any of the services most used such as the Google Gmail and Outlook from Microsoft that they have really been the most popular. These email services have a few years on the market of informative marketing as the promotional and are able to send information to any number of people wherever they are while they have an internet connection.

But well, once already talked a bit about servers that are really popular for offering electronicmessaging service, now we talk about the advantages that offer each one of them.

As security, we can say that Gmail manages to include two sets of verification and detection of emails that are unwanted. Additionally, you can enable a verification icon so that emails that are senders are verified through google labs. You can also be said that while messaging, Gmail uses a chat feature of instant messaging that can be found in the bottom left of the Inbox.

For his part, Outlook, includes two ways to check equal, manages to use icons of safe senders and not desired or suspicious email that appears in the Inbox with red safety bars that appear at the top of the message. Use Skype messaging as Instant is one of its functions, this accomplished found on the top right of the Inbox.

As long as the space we can say that Gmail has 15 Gb of storage limit are shared between Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. If the limit is reached, you can buy extra storage to continue thus saving files. On the other hand, Outlook does not know exactly how much space has, it seems that you can begin to talk about the 5GB forward closely and that this increases with time.

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