How to create a Gmail account?

Initially, when we talked about creating a Gmail account, we had several factors present which were completely indispensable for the creation of this. At the beginning of these accounts, to be able to make a needed that is it received an invitation from someone who already possessed one, many people were able to take advantage of this situation and it was able to sell these invitations in portals shops like EBay.

Currently, this is something of the past, i.e., that today anyone can get an account on the Gmail server to perform the operations you need, but before creating an account will need to have a series of data with them, fill out the form requested by the company, which recorded name, surname, alternative date of birth, postal code, e-mail account and another series of steps.

1 – To open a Gmail account, must enter the Google homepage and click the Gmail button located in the top right. Then, click the create account button. You must complete the registration form and follow instructions.

2 – Enter your personal details (name and surname) and choose your user name; that is, your Gmail email address

3 – Then we must enter a password and confirm it in the box below, enter your date of birth and select your gender. To ensure the security of your account, we can associate our mobile phone number and an email address that you use currently, though this information is optional.

4 – Finally, select your country or place of residence. Once completed the form, click the next step button. Finally, you accept the terms of service of Google. Your Gmail account has been created.

Once the entire process, you can continue to interact with the new account, add contacts, send emails and enjoy all the things provided by Google as a server. If you additionally purchase a cell phone with Android service, this can be affiliated to the interactive part of google where they create a cloud of documents, photos and files that will be saved automatically so you always have them to available, not will run the risk of losing files in case of the lost cell phone, just have to go to your account and look for them.

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