How to open several messages in individual windows?

Currently, driving many e-mail messages is something that we usually do on a daily basis, perhaps many of those emails are unwanted senders, spam and some other page where we left our email to register with us or that we wanted to subscribe for information on something specific and that with the passing of the days, this continuous sending texts about things that really weren’t interested.

May in part be able to only delete the messages that come to us, just because they are something that does not interest us, or that we simply do not want to read, we might be able to handle large amounts of messages daily, weekly or monthly can receive from an infinite number of portals that the end and after many uninterested us.

But now we can be part of this great number of people who manage quantities of messages every day because they are workers in any enterprise or self-employment are capable of offering a service where people are interested to know a little more. In part, we all want to read these messages quickly and answer them the same way but today for which we use Gmail is something that is not within their functions.

Even if it is not working as a main function of your System, if it is possible to view messages in different windows because the browser is capable of that to the number of windows open but of course without saturating our computer and have a problem with it.

open mail new windows

Before making this easy feature, which surely many will have already put into practice, we take into account that can work well or not, but this does not mean that we can use it, rather it is something that we always have on hand for use, the steps are as follows.

1 – Enter Gmail and on the message you want to open is the right click.

2 – The option to open in a new tab, we give click again and it will automatically open

3 – Finally, the message will be displayed on the screen, if we wish to respond once we can do it.

Basically is one of the simplest things that can be made to display a message, simply by opening a new tab, the message which we can have read.


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